There are many benefits intrinsic to the iMHere platform. The always-on and always-on-hand nature of a smartphone make it ideal for delivering routine reminders. The continuous, two-way, real-time communication enables the platform to exchange information between patient and physician when timeliness is of the essence. The extensive media capabilities of a smartphone give it vast potential for exchanging photos, video, and audio between patient and clinician. The utility of iMHere emerges though the development of applications that match specific patient needs with iMHere capabilities. This is best illustrated with specific examples of iMHere in action.

MyMeds –Reminders and Compliance

Complex drug regimens are a staple of most chronic diseases. Conventionally, such medication schedules can be difficult to follow for the patient, and compliance is nearly impossible to determine for the clinician. The MyMeds app, using the iMHere platform, keeps track of the patient’s medications, providing reminders to take the medications as prescribed. As patients respond to the reminders, it tracks and reports adherence to the web-based portal, providing the clinician with alerts from missed doses and the tools to monitor overall medication compliance. Clinicians may set up drug schedules remotely from the clinician portal, or they may be entered or modified directly from the patient’s smartphone. Allowing patients to adjust their medication schedule to fit in with their lives greatly increases acquiescence from the patient. The MyMeds app seeks to improve outcomes by giving patients and clinicians a set of tools to evaluate, monitor, and modify drug regiments to maximize compliance.  

Skin Care

Skin problems are characteristic of many chronic illnesses, a shared concern for any disease associated with impaired mobility or compromised circulation. The Skincare app allows patients to track the progress of skin ailments by taking photographs with the smartphone’s digital camera. The app provides reminders to take photographs at regular intervals for comparison, and separate skin care incidents are organized case by case for both for the patient and clinician to review. Along with each photo the patient is prompted to choose descriptions of the skins current condition in terms of size, color, and thickness from drop down lists. These choices are used to flag developments that demand immediate attention from the clinician. The skincare app provides the clinician with a chronological history of the photos, whose severity has been classified by the patient, while providing the patient with support to perform routine self-monitoring of skin problems. The Skincare app applies the full spectrum of iMHere capabilities to achieve better outcomes for patients susceptible to skin complications through clinician directed and monitored preventive self-care.