Prospect For Stakeholders

iMHere seeks to provide continuous clinician oversight of the self-care of patients with chronic diseases and mental illness. Diligent and supervised self-care has been shown to dramatically reduce secondary complications associated with chronic illness, and shorten the duration complications that emerge in all populations. The result is increased wellness and reduced healthcare costs for the patient receiving this kind of care.

iMHere not only empowers patients with clinician enhanced preventive self-care, but it does so on a large scale; remotely and efficiently. The smartphone, by design, is a device that you can have with you, and powered on, at all times. The web-based portal provides a convenient clinician interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Together they make an ideal mHealth platform for continuous remote patient/clinician interaction. The portal allows many patients to be reviewed by a single clinician (nurse coordinator, case manager, wellness coordinator, or patient advocate), and in turn many front-end clinicians to be organized under one physician, thus minimizing the use of clinician resources and cost. The portability and remote connectivity of the smartphone permits patients to be located nearly anywhere, and have access to the system at any time, maximizing patient exposure to the system. These factors combined will facilitate nearly continuous remote acquisition of patient data, in a time and cost efficient manner, generating an unprecedented level of health information granularity, and individualized care. iMHere provides a new kind of preventive mHealth solution; improving outcomes, reducing costs, maximizing availability, and strategically targeting populations who stand to benefit the most.